Types of catering equipment for an event catering business

Types of catering equipment for an event catering business

For successful catering activities, there are several types of equipment that every caterer should have. The complete set of the required tools should harmoniously work to ensure that food is prepared, cooked and served on time. We mainly use catering equipment to improve the efficiency and to save time. Catering tools and equipment are classified into different groups based on their sizes as well as functions.

Small Catering Equipment

Also known as tools, they are the easiest to carry around. They include all the items that are frequently used during the entire process of cooking and serving. Examples include; knives, openers, graters, colanders, pestles and mortar, sieves, kitchen scales, etc.

Large Catering Equipment

They are typically big and difficult to carry around. In most cases, such equipment is kept at a fixed point. Apparently, they are the most expensive and difficult to acquire, for those who intent start the business. They include refrigerators, working tables, deep fryers, sinks, cooking ranges, etc. Here are the brands that supply quality large catering equipment: Bromic fridges & Roband.

Mechanical Catering Equipment

The other category of catering equipment comprises all those tools that are mechanically operated. These types of equipment are run by electricity and are also called appliances. The appliances include slicers, mincers, mixers, blenders, food processors, coffee makers, toasters, and electric kettle, just to mention a few.

The equipment can also be classified based on their roles in the catering business event. They can be grouped into measuring, mixing, baking, cutting and preparation tools.

Measuring equipment

These types of catering equipment are used to gauge precise amounts of ingredients such as fluids, granules, flours, fluids, and powders. There are varieties of cups and jugs of different sizes used for measuring liquids. The cups and jugs are usually made of glass or plastics accompanied with appropriate pouring lips and accurately marked measurements. Spoons are also available in different sizes and can be used to measure both liquid and solid equipment. The spoons are either made of metals or plastics and include normal teaspoon, tablespoon, and dessert spoon of various measurements such as quarter teaspoon, a half teaspoon, one teaspoon and one tablespoon. Metrically, they are designed in 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, and 25ml. Another important measuring tool in catering business event is the weighing scale. The catering equipment is used for measuring granules, flours and powders, powder, fish, and fat. They are helpful in weighing large amounts of ingredients and come in grams, kilograms, ounces, and pounds.

Mixing equipment

The catering equipment under this category includes wooden spoons and metal spoons whisks. They are used for stirring, beating and whisking during meal preparation.

Baking, cooking and preparation equipment

Baking catering equipment is crucial in pastry making and includes spatulas of all sizes. They are used for turning meat, pancakes omelets, and eggs when frying. Cooking equipment, on the other hand, includes saucepans, frying pans, pressure cookers, strainers, and colanders, just to mention a few. They can be made of either metal or glass earthenware or plastics, while some are coated to prevent food sticking to the equipment.

In conclusion, there are lots of catering equipment available for preparation, cooking and serving food and drink. It all depends on the type of food prepared and the number of guests served. Every business catering event should ensure that they have the above-mentioned equipment and others readily accessible for use.

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