Restaurant Safety Tips

With every moment of joy people use to party and celebrate in nearby restaurants where they order their favorite meals. But the moment of joy for you is the moment of hard work for the crew of the restaurant to deliver you the best they can. From the perspective of a restaurant owner, not only the quality and service of food for customers is necessary but taking care of the crew and kitchen is also very important. Amidst the huge containers sharp, chopping knives, gigantic commercial ovens with gas cooktops and open flames, following restaurant safety tips is a crucial task.

The first phase comprises training the kitchen crew for any sort of unfortunate happenings. If the kitchen staff follows safety guidelines by heart, then only a safe working environment could be maintained. A restaurant comprises various kinds of cuisines which are made by different types of commercial gas cooking equipment, so it is recommended to train the crew with their specific kitchen equipment. Additionally the restaurant owner may also get the staff officially certified in restaurant safety via ServSafe which is issued under National Restaurant Association. Usually the troubles occurring in restaurants are due to fault in kitchen equipment or gas leaks or electrical breakdown. Hence, the appliances in kitchen must be well taken care of so that there is no harm to the restaurant’s service.

According to the stats, more than 5000 restaurant fires are reported every year and the main cause behind these are gas leaks and oven failure. That’s why the Fire Administration Department strictly instructs the restaurant owners to be highly alert and attentive while perating a grand kitchen. Abiding by the restaurant safety tips, one must ensure proper installation of fire safety equipments. According to the restaurant architecture, fire extinguishers should be installed such that in case of emergency they can cover each and every spot of the restaurant. Not only this, but appropriate quantity of emergency lights and sign boards should also be there.

All the kitchen towels, aprons, etc. must be kept at a distance from the main cooking section. It is advised not to wear loose clothes near the flame. Every corner of the vast professional kitchen must have an imprint of the emergency evacuation map. Each and every crew member must have this evacuation map in mind and they should be skilled and trained cut of the power sources immediately if any electrical appliance misbehaves.

The changing room of the restaurant must be preoccupied with a nice first aid kit. This kit should contain a burnol cream, waterproof band aids, pain sprays, sanitizing chemicals, etc. As per the fierce nature of professional commercial cooking equipment, the staff members should be provided cut resistant gloves and suitable head wear. Safety glasses, dishwashing gloves and support belts should be given to the cleanliness crew. If all the restaurants properly follow the above explained restaurant safety tips while cooking and using kitchen equipments, then many kitchen injuries can be avoided. Even if something happens by mistake, be prepared with first aid kid and do not hesitate to call the authorities and emergency departments.

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