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A restaurant is not just a place where people come to eat, it is a dining experience. Whether it is your first restaurant or one in a chain, every aspect of the space says something to the customer. Setting up space can be quite challenging if you are new to the aspects of décor and interiors if you have the budget you could always hire a professional or team. However, this is not necessary. You could always do it yourself and ask your friends for their opinions.

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Here are some things we keep in mind when we design a restaurant.

Budget: If you have plenty of funds and do not mind splurging on design and fitouts you can proceed without a care in the world. However, if you have a limited amount of funding a budget is important. You do not want to spend too much on the design and not have capital left for other critical aspects of an eatery. There are designs that might start with one budget originally but go over. It is important to make it clear the absolute upward amount you are willing to invest. 

Trends: Design trends keep changing. What was popular a couple of years ago could be quite out of style now. Keeping ahead of trends is important to make sure that you are not falling behind. You can learn more about the latest and upcoming trends from design books or read tips online. 

Understand your demographic: Before you get started on design and fitouts, you should have a clear idea of the kind of people you want in your restaurant. A restaurant a family with small children would love will be quite different from what a besotted young couple looking for a romantic evening would choose. Research their preferences and include them in your design. 

Theme: Every part of your restaurant is important and should go with a theme. If your restaurant is upscale it would not do to have a cramped bathroom. Lighting and music are especially important aspects to creating the right atmosphere. Warm lights create a relaxed space, candles on each table or a small flower in a vase give it an intimate appeal. 

The Space: The way your tables are aligned, where your bar is located, these are all essential aspects of a restaurant. You should keep your theme and target demographic in mind when setting up the space. The bar is usually where people wait to be seated, it is a good idea to have enough bar stools and space. The entrance should be especially elegant. This is the first thing people see when they walk into your restaurant. 

Details: The devil is in the details. It would be terrible to see a shabby menu in an elegant restaurant with gorgeous interiors. Every aspect of your restaurant, right from the cutlery and glasses to the uniforms of the serving staff should reflect your theme. Not just the dishes you serve but the design of the menu too should be carefully considered. 

Restaurants are where people create many important memories. It is where people go on their first dates, where proposals happen, it is a special place and should be designed to reflect this sentiment. Remember what you want your restaurant to say and stick to that during the entire time it takes for the design and fitout. 

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