Bain Marie / Hot Food Bar

If you are looking for a Bain Marie or hot food bar to display foods like fried chicken, French fries, warm sandwiches, or hamburgers at your food establishment, then you are on the right page. Atlantic Equipment offers hot food display cases that will make your meals more accessible to customers and keep them warm at required temperatures until service. Browse our complete range of hot food display cabinets below.


Bain Marie / Hot Food Bar in Sydney

Make your presentation and service of hot items easier and more service-friendly with a hot food bar. We offer the complete selection you need to satisfy your customers with a clean, safe and economical hot food bar, bain marie and counter-top bain marie. Our selection of hot food bars will ensure your prepared foods are kept at safe temperatures for your customers to enjoy with or hot or cold food bar. Whether your business is a busy restaurant, large facility kitchen or a catering company, being able to keep large amounts of food hot and ready for customer consumption is vital.