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Atlantic Equipment hold a large range of heavy duty and commercial ice machines made for restaurants, sea food market and supermarkets. We ship commercial ice machines across Australia (Sydney & Newcastle).

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Commercial ice machines in Sydney

Atlantic Equipment sells commercial ice machines since 2014. Most of our ice makers come with a 1 to 2 years warranty. Find out about our other commercial refrigeration such as cake fridge display & commercial freezers. Lowest Prices & Best Brands for Commercial Ice Makers. SAME DAY DESPATCH on ice-making products for your restaurant. Atlantic Equipment sells ice machines in Sydney & Newcastle. We are one ot the best dealers for Icematic, Polar, F.E.D & Bromic commercial ice makers. See more of our commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney.

Choosing the Best Commercial Ice Machine

A commercial ice maker is a necessity for those running bars, cafeteria, restaurant or any other place that serves drinks and food. Finding the right machine for use is not such a simple task as finding any old water freezer machine. There are so many available options out there and finding the best one can be a great challenge if you lack an appropriate guide. Herein are factors to consider when purchasing the best ice maker machine to serve your needs;

Size and Capacity

This is the first thing you need to put into consideration as a lot of space can be taken up when storing ice. All you require as a buyer is figuring out the appropriate balance between the amounts of ice you need to be storing and the amount of space available. Buying a machine of the right capacity and size is the most vital stage when looking for the best ice maker. Don’t go for too small models as you will with time have to replace it to fit your needs. So you have to carefully think about this before you make the purchase, this decision can be taken during the restaurant fit out process.

The cost of the ice machine in Sydney & Newcastle

Normally there is no cafeteria or restaurant with limitless budgets. You have to buy a machine that can fit all your needs well. But then, you should also try to find a machine that fits your budget. The cost of an ice machine is greatly affected by a number of factors. We have the standard models that are less costly than models that make fancier ice types like for instance the ice flakers. On the other hand, machines with higher production rate and capacity come with higher costs while the air-cooled ice ones will be gotten more affordable than the models that are water-cooled.

The speed of a commercial ice maker

There are rush hours and things need be done in the fast possible way. You need an ice maker machine with a production rate relatively high. These machines will produce new ice faster and thus helps you maintain the levels of supply you will need at the busy times. All your consideration should be placed at the production rate in their marketing. The rate of production in a single day is greatly determined by the numbers they use and all you need to have in mind is that the calculations they have are normally based on the ideal environment the machine will be operating from.

The condenser type of a commercial machine

There are so many different condenser types available. The most popular option is the air-cooled machine as they are affordable, energy efficient and they normally use little water amount than that used in the water-cooled machines. The necessary cooling temperature for these air-cooled machines is normally done by the usage of air circulated. The water-cooled types are alternative where air-cooled machines seem not to be properly functioning. There are other options like the remote condensers and they usually use a similar technology like that of the air-cooled machine but then the condenser has moved a distance off from the machine.