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Blast Chillers

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  • GS-40B Blast Freezer

    Brand: F.E.D

    Regular Price: $24,229.00

    Special Price $16,959.00


    ($18,654.90 incl.GST)

  • FAGOR 20 X 1/1GN Blast Chiller Freezer ATM-102

    Brand: Fagor

    Regular Price: $22,000.00

    Special Price $17,160.00


    ($18,876.00 incl.GST)

  • Electrolux RBF201 Crosswise Blast Chiller/Freezer 56Kg

    Brand: Electrolux

    Regular Price: $22,450.00

    Special Price $18,858.00


    ($20,743.80 incl.GST)

  • GS-40C Single Rack Blast Freezer

    Brand: F.E.D

    Regular Price: $34,229.00

    Special Price $23,959.00


    ($26,354.90 incl.GST)

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Items 25 to 28 of 28 total

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Commercial blast chillers supplier in Sydney

We supply since 2014 commercial blast chillers in Sydney and Newcastle. If you need more space, we recommend you to purchase a cool room. Take a look at our full range of commercial fridges.

Commercial Blast Chillers in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane

Tired of searching for the blast chillers in Sydney, Australia? No need to worry, we are here with the wide variety of blast chillers available at affordable prices and with fast delivery options. Our blast chillers and freezers are perfect for storing purposes in the schools, pubs, airlines, and many other related places. These are the places where blast chillers can be the best choice for storing food, drinks, and beverages (and some medicines in hospitals). No matter in which the industry you are in, our blast chillers are great choices useful in maintaining the quality of your food. Our blast chillers are the best to freeze a large volume of foods within a short period.


Quality: made up of high-quality materials.

Brand: We provide blast chillers of Bromic, F.E.D, Fagor, Electrolux, and Polar brands.

Usage: to store food at extremely low temperatures and maintain its natural taste.

Explore our collection of blast chillers where you are getting huge choices from which you can choose the best suitable.  These are an excellent choice to freeze food ingredients at an extremely cold temperature and which are best to maintain the quality of the foods. Overall, to maintain the freshness and flavor of the dishes, blast chillers are great. The most important feature of blast chillers and freezers is that they are great to protect your stored stuff from bacteria because with the decrease in temperature, the growth of microorganisms also decreases.

It is useful to maintain the natural quality of an ingredient or food. That is why these are great for storing food in restaurants or cafes. With the help of these chillers, it is easy to maintain the taste of ice creams, cold drinks, and other food as they are.

In pubs, blast chillers are used to chill a large volume of beer and wine within a short time. If you want to purchase any type of blast chillers in Australia, then prefer Atlantic Equipment.

Benefits of blast chillers

The blast chillers have various benefits due to which people prefer to use them even in their homes, some of them are:

  • These are great to make some extra smooth sorbets and ice creams
  • Perfect to cool down the baked food quickly
  • Best to chill large volume of beer and wine
  • Maintains the quality of the food
  • Avoids the growth of microorganisms on foods.

What are the best places to find blast chillers in Australia?

Atlantic Equipment is one of the best companies that offer blast chillers online at affordable prices. To maintain the quality of the food or for protecting them from the bacteria, blast chillers are the best choice that you can prefer. Check out different blast chillers from our wide collection available.

Why do you need to buy the blast chillers?

 Mostly in the restaurants, bakeries, cafes or any food store, blast chillers are essential because these are the places where the most important thing is the safety of foods, which is not possible without blast chillers. To keep food healthy and free from harmful bacteria, blast chillers are crucial. Whether you are running a food business or looking for the freezer that can be an excellent choice, then no other option is better than the blast chillers.