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Counter Top Equipment

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  1. Apuro CK827-A Mini Kettle

    • Capacity: 1.0L
    • Cordless
    • Stainless steel heating element
    • Illuminated power switch
    • Automatic cut off and overheating protection

    Brand: Apuro
    $20.00 +GST

    ($22.00 incl.GST)

  2. Apuro Kettles

    • 2.2kW power
    • Fast boil
    • Illuminated on/off switch
    • Transparent water gauge to show the water level
    • Concealed element

    Brand: Apuro
    $30.00 +GST

    ($33.00 incl.GST)

  3. Nemco NEG0001 Griddle Scraper

    • Griddle scraper
    • Stainless steel blade
    • Stainless steel splashguard
    • Cast-aluminium handle

    Brand: Nemco

    Regular Price: $96.00

    Special Price $76.00


    ($83.60 incl.GST)

  4. Waring WSB33NA Light Duty Immersion Blender

    • Quick stick light duty immersion blender
    • 12 Litre capacity
    • 2 speed control

    Brand: Waring

    Regular Price: $136.00

    Special Price $107.00


    ($117.70 incl.GST)

  5. Coffee Jug Hotplates L413-A

    • Includes one year warranty
    • Weight 1.5kg
    • Ideal for busy restaurants
    • Hotplates may be operated independently
    • Voltage 230V

    Brand: Apuro
    $110.00 +GST

    ($121.00 incl.GST)

  6. Apuro Manual Fill Water Urns

    • Includes one year warranty
    • Non-drip tap
    • Tap height: 150mm
    • 2.6kW element
    • External thermal reset button

    Brand: Apuro
    $150.00 +GST

    ($165.00 incl.GST)

  7. BIRKO 1009005 Domestic Urn 5L

    A size to suit any need. Polished stainless steel body with vented cool to touch, twist to lock lid.

    Brand: Birko

    Regular Price: $166.36

    Special Price $160.00


    ($176.00 incl.GST)

  8. BIRKO 1030601 Soup Kettle Black 9L

    A sturdy insulated kettle for storing and serving hot soup
    Brand: Birko

    Regular Price: $176.36

    Special Price $170.00


    ($187.00 incl.GST)

  9. EF-81 Single Benchtop Electric Fryer

    • Stainless Steel Construction 
    • Quick Heating / Recovery 
    • Safety Thermostat
    • 10-Litre Pan
    Brand: F.E.D

    Regular Price: $249.00

    Special Price $175.00


    ($192.50 incl.GST)

  10. COOKRITE Bain Marie with Mechanical Controller

    Constructed material: Stainless steel
    Warranty: 48 Months

    $180.00 +GST

    ($198.00 incl.GST)

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Items 1 to 10 of 481 total

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Countertop cooking is all about big power in a small package. The best part about countertop cooking is that it helps prevent restaurant menus from being limited to what can physically fit within a smaller kitchen. Atlantic Equipment sells all type of benchtop equipment including bain marie, kebab machine & sandwich press.

From front of house sleek design or back of house functionality, Countertop Equipment is a necessity in many food service businesses. View the range and find out what you've been missing in your line-up. Brands include: Waring, F.E.D, Robot Coupe, Apuro, Semak, and Grange. T
o include without limitation, we have commercial coffee machines, counter-top warming displays, popular pie warmers and much more under our counter top kitchen equipment.