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Commercial Deep Fryers

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Deep Fryers

Commercial Deep Fryer

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  1. Goldstein FRG-24L Single Pan Gas Fryer

    • Single pan fryer
    • 3 stainless steel baskets per pan
    • 46 litre capacity
    • Front cool zone with crumb arrester
    • 19mm gas connection
    • Gas fryer with line up nosing available

    Brand: Goldstein

    Regular Price: $4,913.00

    Special Price $4,127.00


    ($4,539.70 incl.GST)

  2. FAGOR Electric Deep Fat Fryer FE9-05

    Electric Deep Fat Fryer
    Brand: Fagor

    Regular Price: $5,695.00

    Special Price $4,271.00


    ($4,698.10 incl.GST)


    • Very Fast Recovery
    • Programmable PCB
    • Stores up to 10 programmes
    • Easy to use manual operation

    Brand: F.E.D

    Regular Price: $6,289.00

    Special Price $4,280.00


    ($4,708.00 incl.GST)

  4. Goldstein FRE-18/1DL Single Pan Electric Fryer

    • Single pan, stainless steel
    • Pan size 405 x 390 x 275
    • Electronic thermostat
    • 2 s/steel baskets per pan
    • 32 litre capacity

    Brand: Goldstein

    Regular Price: $5,490.00

    Special Price $4,612.00


    ($5,073.20 incl.GST)

  5. Pitco 65C+S Standard Tube Heated Gas Fryer

    • Standard tube heated gas fryer
    • Made in the United States
    • Approx 65kg/hr Production
    • Oil Capacity 36lt
    • Powerful 158Mj
    • 5 year Tank warranty
    • 512W x 875D x 1204Hmm

    Brand: Pitco

    Regular Price: $5,624.00

    Special Price $4,725.00


    ($5,197.50 incl.GST)

  6. Goldstein TGF-24ML Turbo Marathon Single Pan Gas Fryer

    • Turbo gas tube type fryer
    • Stainless steel bowl & exterior
    • Pan size 565 x 355 x 203
    • 3 stainless steel baskets per pan
    • 48 litre capacity

    Brand: Goldstein

    Regular Price: $5,665.00

    Special Price $4,759.00


    ($5,234.90 incl.GST)

  7. Blue Seal E43/E43E Electric Fryer

    • Single pan electric fryer
    • Mechanical and electronic controls available
    • 23 litre capacity

    Brand: Blue Seal

    Regular Price: $6,331.00

    Special Price $4,938.00


    ($5,431.80 incl.GST)

  8. Blue Seal GT46/GT46E Vee-Ray Twin Pan Gas Fryer

    • Mechanical controls
    •Twin pan fryer flexibility
    •Patented infra-red burner system
    •High performance fast recovery
    •Easy clean stainless steel open pan

    Brand: Blue Seal

    Regular Price: $6,363.00

    Special Price $4,964.00


    ($5,460.40 incl.GST)

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8 Item(s)

Commercial Deep Fryers

Invest in quality and long lasting commercial deep fryers that last for years. We have all the major brands including Goldstein, Blue Seal, and F.E.D. Find out more about our catering equipment. We have ready for fast delivery of the commercial fryer F.E.D RC400. Our fryer machines for a restaurant are currently on sale. You will find industrial, single, double, electric, gas, lpg, twin, cooking fryers in our warehouse in Sydney. Our deep fryers are sold across Australia and can be delivered within a week in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Adelaide, Canberra & Wollongong. See more restaurant equipment in Sydney. Some industrial deep fryers are for sale for a limited time only.

How much is a deep fryer?

Floorstanding deep fryers cost between $1,200.00 to $15,000.00. Industrial and commercial fryers may vary based on the model, size, brand and on sale. F.E.D gas deep fryers will be in average cheaper than Frymaster. If you are opening a new restaurant, you should invest approximately $2,900.00 for a new industrial deep fryers for sale. Goldstein deep fryers are good to start with. LPG Gasmax gas deep fryers are cheaper but you might need more services and maintenance. Finally, Cobra commercial deep fryers have been on the Australian market for a while and they are polyvalent. We will recommend gas deep fryers over electric. If you are located outside of Sydney, you might consider 1 to 3 extra days for delivery. Do you charge for shipping deep fryers? Yes, but we offer a discount rate for all metro areas. @deep fryer commercial @cobra deep fryers @Goldstein deep fryers. We additionally can send a technician onsite to repair and fix your second hand / used gas deep fryers. Restaurant fryers for hire or lease, call our finance manager for more information.