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Meat Grinders

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  • TJ12-H Heavy Duty Meat Mincer

    Brand: F.E.D

    Regular Price: $619.00

    Special Price $526.15


    ($578.77 incl.GST)

  • TC 8 Heavy Duty Meat Mincer

    Brand: F.E.D

    Regular Price: $639.00

    Special Price $543.15


    ($597.47 incl.GST)

  • RFE DM12 Mincer

    Brand: RFE

    Regular Price: $1,595.00

    Special Price $1,245.00


    ($1,369.50 incl.GST)

  • TC32 Heavy Duty Meat Mincer

    Brand: F.E.D

    Regular Price: $3,009.00

    Special Price $1,898.55


    ($2,088.41 incl.GST)

  • RFE DM22 Mincer

    Brand: RFE

    Regular Price: $2,495.00

    Special Price $1,947.00


    ($2,141.70 incl.GST)

  • RFE DM32 Mincer

    Brand: RFE

    Regular Price: $3,495.00

    Special Price $2,727.00


    ($2,999.70 incl.GST)

  • BX70B Meat Filling Mixer

    Brand: F.E.D

    Regular Price: $4,839.00

    Special Price $4,113.15


    ($4,524.47 incl.GST)

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7 Item(s)

The ultimate guide for commercial meat mincer

In case you are a ground meat enthusiast or a commercial meat grinder then you need to understand about meat mincer. Actually, making your own freshly ground sausage or beef has become one of the ways to set your establishment apart from the competition. Normally, any kind of establishment where beef is cooked, from a deli counter to a butcher shop, will possibly need to have at least one commercial meat mincer available for use. But what is a commercial meat mincer? A commercial meat mincer is a grounder that can perform all mid to large-scale meat grinding. It can be electric or manual. 

Getting the best commercial meat mincer for your commercial needs is a bit simple process. In fact, once you understand what is there and assess your particular needs, you will be able to get the appropriate one for yourself.

Types of meat grinders

Just like most pieces of the commercial kitchen appliances, meat mincers are available in a sort of configurations and sizes.

Manual meat mincers mount to your countertop or table and are meant for low-volume use. Due to the need to turn the crank by hand and their comparatively small capacity, this kind of mincers likely would not be applied quite often in a commercial environment.

Commercial Meat Grinders

We hold more commercial meat grinders in stock. Feel free to contact us and tell us the amount of meat you are processing. Check out our other butcher equipment such as commercial meat slicers, sausage fillers & meat tenderizers.

Buying considerations

i). Employ a table clamp to make it firm, since some models would not append to some thick
ii). It is not meant for the day-to-day commercial-level application.

Electric meat grinders come in a variation of sizes ranging from small countertop types to large, high-output models that are floor mounted. These floor mounted types are ideal for a busy butcher shop, meat processing facilities or meat counters.

It is worth noting about the number of pounds of meant that a certain meat mincer can process every minute as you compare these models. In case you buy a unit that fails to keep up with your expected output demands, you will reduce its life and more so, negatively affect your own productivity.

Buying Considerations

i). Try to compare the output of the equipment to your commercial demands.
ii). Take account of the construction and materials of the mincer. Normally, a stainless steel type is dishwasher safe and withstands corrosion.

Another popular mincer is the Buffalo Chopper. This is a quite handy piece of equipment that can shred pork, chicken and other kinds of meat that you do not wish to finely ground. Apart from being employed in meat processing, it can also work well for stuff such as potato salad, coleslaw, chicken salad and more since you can add sauces and seasonings as you are chopping the vegetables or meat. In some cases, you may find other models that have a great feature where you can hook up a vegetable slicer or meat mincer attachment to experience the best of the two worlds!

Buying Considerations

i). Determine whether you need to buy a model having a #12 hub.
ii). Have a closer look at the safety features. The blade should be more visible in this kind of unit.
iii). Estimate the available space. Remember that these types can occupy quite larger countertop space compared to a regular countertop meat mincer.