A traditional Italian Pizza is now a global delicacy. There is no doubt that most of the world population is after the great taste of
this food. You end up seeing a Pizza spot at any new place you go. If you want to enter this evergreen food business of Pizzas, let’s browse through the different varieties of pizza equipment you need to serve the great tasted Pizzas at your Pizzeria.

Wood Fired Ovens:

As the name says these ovens use wood as fuel for cooking. Depending on your requirement you can choose from either traditional masonry oven or a white oven which remain clean from ash. The next step is to select the right and safe wood for your oven. You can use hardwoods such as oak, maple, ash.

Among the various wood fired ovens thronging the market Vesuvio wood fired ovens provides the premium quality viable wood ovens. You can choose from the different sizes in available in two ranges. We use 100% naturally quarried cotto clay as the cooking floor which is the basis for the success helping us sell about 250,000 wood ovens both for commercial and domestic purpose.

Pizza Ovens:

Pizza ovens are the modern masonry oven also known as a brick oven or stone oven. These ovens use either natural gas or electricity. Fire resistant material like firebrick or clay is used for its built.

These ovens can be used to bake up to triple pizzas depending on the cavities provided. For space saving they have stackable option. There is even a Pizza conveyor oven in this category which is economical to run and gives a pizza every 3 minutes.

As you ready the oven the next major thing is to prepare the pizza dough.

Pizza Dough Mixers and Rollers:

The best pizza is guaranteed when you mix the pizza dough properly. A Pizza dough mixer is easy to use equipment which can handle large amounts of dough to meet your daily pizza needs.

There are multiple options in pizza dough equipment with varying speed and different design to match your needs.

Spiral Pizza Dough Mixers:

This is ultimate tool for making your pizza dough. These secial spiral dough mixers can handle large amounts of dough. These are typically designed for hard dough, suitable for making pizzas with good taste. Most of these mixers are provided with stainless steel bowls and other parts which come in contact with the dough, thus making it highly edible and safe to eat. Based on your requirement you can choose the bowl size to handle dough of varying quantities.

After the dough is prepared the next step in pizza preparation is rolling the dough. For doing this tough duty job there are
multiple rollers available in the market.

Pizza Dough Roller:

A stainless-steel body that meets the health and safety standards is one of the bestselling equipment in this category. There are certain rollers which gives you the pizza base in just 3 seconds. The experience of using both hands is also brought in this technology to provide the best of pizza base.

Now that you are ready with the required equipment for preparing the best pizzas, just go ahead and top it with the preference of the customers to deliver the tasty pizzas on time every time.