You might be a cooking ninja in your kitchen but when it comes to restaurant’s kitchen, you need to use food preparation equipment that are easy-to-use and quick. Here is a list of essential time saving kitchen tools that are must-have for streamlining the commercial kitchen’s efficiency.

Why are food processors are vital for commercial kitchens?

Remember the days when slicing, chopping, dicing, shredding, grating used to be tedious and time consuming!

Well not anymore, the commercial food processors are well equipped to do all this in a matter of minutes and can cut down your prep time by half than the earlier times. There are several food processors available in the market but here are some items that are worth mentioning:

1. Robot Coupe vertical cutter mixer is an ideal companion for cutting and mixing various ingredients.
It is powered by 4500 watts and can speed up to 1500 to 3000 rpm (rotation per minute). It is a stainless-steel machine, which guarantees better durability.

2. Another worthy product is the Grange commercial tomato slicer.
Tomatoes are an essential ingredient for most of the recipes and slicing them quickly is surely required. This commercial food slicers is solid handles made of steel and scalloped blades for fast cutting and slices up to 500 tomatoes per hour with a 5.5mm cut.

3. Making patty for hamburgers was never this easy!
The all-new Brice OMABT100/130 Manual commercial Patty Maker is simple and easy-to-use. It can comes with 1,000 food-grade plastic separator disks which helps you in quick packaging of hamburgers already wrapped in cellophane.

Multi-tasking commercial dough mixers

These mixers enable you to have hands-free dough making in large quantities more efficiently and with less of mess. Dough mixers are absolute essentials for food businesses. You can mix, beat, whisk and prepare batters and doughs for bakery products with dough mixers in no time. Some of the most popular dough makers are as follows:

1. Robot Coupe SPB-80HI Planetary Mixer
This sturdy dough mixer comes with a stainless-steel bowl having 80 Liters capacity. It is a multi-speed commercial planetary mixer with powerful motors.

2. Pizza Spiral Mixer with variable speed is a super commercial mixer machine with which you can make pizza dough. It consistently mix all the ingredients evenly without overworking the dough.

3. Pizza Dough Roller- D45P is designed to cold work the dough without altering its characteristics. It is an all stainless steel body guaranteeing a long life and takes only 3 seconds per pizza base.