There is a whole bunch of tiny details that can spoil a successful restaurant. When you first look at that issue, you might think that restaurant business is a simple one like you wash the vegetables, flip a few steaks, serve them on a table with a clean cover and, there you go, you are in the money-making business. Well that is totally wrong and quite a few people go bankrupted because that business was not easy to run. But let’s go to basics. Firstly, you need excellent positioning for a successful restaurant business. That means, you need a steady stream of customers. Ideally you should have a spacious premise on a major street in a big city. That would be a place where people would go for a walk at night and wouldn't mind having a bite while relaxing.

Reassuring customers with parking lots may also seem a good idea. Importantly, you need a good chef. Such a key person can easily boost or bury your business. A stylish menu at reasonable prices is a great step towards succeeding in the restaurant business. Then, you need to invest in certain appliances. You need a commercial oven. Nothing distracts the client more than delayed and badly cooked dinner. So, a good commercial oven is a must you cannot underestimate. 

Then it comes to fresh products. This one sounds easy like going for a shopping tour but again it is not. You need to invest in a cold room to keep your food fresh. If you are asking yourself, why on Earth should you spend thousands of dollars for this? Here is the simple answer, only if you have a cool room you may afford to have a good variety and a substantial quantity of fresh meat, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Otherwise, you might have a confusing situation when a client orders a dish and it could not be cooked because not having a cool room has prevented you to have fresh products on disposal.

The final detail you would need for a successful restaurant is a qualified, patient and polite staff that never forgets that the client spends his money. You might need at least one celebrity to get it going and a few other to keep it going. Nothing sells better than the story of Great Mr. X having a dinner right there by your side. Finally, you need to manage personally your restaurant business in order to gain success. You should forget the idea that you might run a profitable business from your office or home. The faster you forget that, the better. You need to be on the spot, open the restaurant in the morning, go personally through all daily problems and finally, close at night. The restaurant business is a strange one. Everything in it is personal. You cannot afford to neglect any problem to become and stay successful.