Why do you need a specific dish liquid for a commercial dishwasher?

Why do you need a specific dish liquid for a commercial dishwasher?

It is well known that dishwasher machines´ main function is to clean and wash the dishes and it can not be done with water alone, as it is very important to make sure that all oils and grease are removed sucessfully from the dishes in order for them to be completely clean, not only removing the dirt that can be seen through our eyes, but also killing the bacteria that is stuck in the dishes, and water by itself can not fill this part because it can not kill the bacteria, and it is almost impossible for people to do it when they are using their bare hands. Commercial diswasher is one of the key commercial kitchen equipment to run an efficient shop.

When a dishwater machine is used, there is, obviously, no need for people to use their hands to get the dirt off the dishes, the dishwasher machine can do it itself by adding hot water, which is extremely efficient to remove the dirt, through jets, jets have certain pressure than gives us the certainty that the dirt was sucessfully "visually" removed. However, as it previously said, water alone can not kill all the bacteria that it is found on the oils and grease, because of this, it is mandatory to use a dish liquid to make ourselves sure that our dishes are being properly cleaned, and that there will be no trace of bacteria left after washing.

It is important to take into consideration that not every dish liquid works on dishwasher machines, because even though common dish liquids are similar to those used for commercial dishwashers, as they have a quite similar physical consistency, and theobjective that both producsts share is the same: to get our dishes clean, They work in different manners, and this difference, thought not noticeable in the cleaning process, it is noticed in the way the dishwasher machine works.

When people run out of dishwasher detergent, they are normally tempted to use the regular dish liquid they have in their kitchen and put it in the dishwasher machine, and it could actually be better economically speaking because the regular dish liquids are even cheaper than the dishwasher detergents, but by doing that, the dishwashing experience can turn into a nightmare.

How does it work?

One of the primary functions of the regular dish liquid is to create foamy suds, by creating these loads of foamy suds the common dish liquids act as cleaners, on the other hand, the dishwater detergent does not create these loads of foamy suds. These foamy suds can ver very problematic when it comes to using your newly acquired dishwhaser machine because it can spread all over the kitchen´s floor falling from the appliance creating a mess all over the place, that it would later have to be cleaned by ourselves, or even worse, the foamy suds can get to damage the appliance. The foamy suds can damage the internal parts of the dishwasher machine, including: clogging filters, pipes and the drainage process.

Those are the reasons why it is important not only to use dish liquid when using commercial dishwasher machines, but picking the right dish liquid in order not to create a mess in the kitchen, or worse, to damage the machine.

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