This month we have 2 new commercial deep fryers in stock.

Electrical deep fryers

The F.E.D. E.F. autolift electric fryer is a versatile electric deep fryer that gives new dimensions to your cooking.

• This deep fryer weighs around 60 kg and come with a fantastic capacity of 28 litres.

• There are two baskets in this equipment which makes your cooking very easy.

• It is made of stainless steel which helps to maintain cleanliness and also makes it very durable.

• This equipment comes with vat lid.

• You can fry between temperatures of 50 to 200 degree Celsius in this equipment.

• This equipment comes with a sturdy adjustable feet which provides protection.

• There is a cold zone in this equipment.

Anvil- Axis FFA0001 Single Pan Bench Top Deep Fryer

This gas deep fryer comes with a dimension of 282x470x278 H and weighs 7 kg.

• It comes with a single tank made of stainless steel. This tank can be removed for easy cleaning.

• There is one basket in this deep fryer.

• It comes with thermostat control.

• The capacity of this cooking equipment is 5 litres and it has a hinged element box.

• This deep fryer is very durable due to its stainless steel construction.

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