Manpower is important in the business of butchery. But a human cannot take as much load or work pressure as the machine can.There are amazing types of equipment now available for the use of butchery which can definitely save a lot of energy and also can increase the productivity at the same time. These products are from the Atlantic Equipment who are best in the business and have a quality product. Five essential products which are mainly recommended:

1)NOAW NS300 Slicer (Meat slicer): This is a unique equipment from Atlantic equipment, as it is a manual gravity feed slicer which has built in sharpening head and blade ring guard. This product is ideal for smaller shops such as cafes and restaurants. This product is absolutely affordable and the range is $1240 and is also available for rent with a range of $15.74 per week.Benefits :1) Easy cleaning.2) Gravity Feed.3) Safety system.4) Less space required.5) Increases productivity.There are different meat slicers available on Atlantic equipment starting from $519 to $8000. A user can select the product with respect to the business.

2) SV-15 Manual Heavy Duty Sausage Filler: It is a 5litre/15kg heavy duty sausage filler and a durable equipment. This equipment is designed in such a way that it can give effective results and is also a heat free product. The range of this product is $635 and is also available for rent with the range of $8.06 per week.Benefits:1) Helps to serve more people at a time. 2) Has also the safety standards maintained, so no risk factors while using the product.3) The increase in productivity.4) Reduces human workload.Atlantic equipment also deals in a 7litre/7kg sausage filler which costs upto $430 and is cheaper from the SV-15 and the user can select either of it with respect to the usage.

3) Brice OMABT130 Manual Patty Maker: This is one of the best equipment which has the simplest manual operation of all. It only requires pressure on the lever to compress the meat. Compressed meat hence turning into a meat patty. This product is very efficient and its handy too. The product is available on Atlantic equipment for $608 and is also available for rent with the range of $7.72 per week.Benefits:1) Easy and Efficient.2) Saves time and human labor as well.3) Easy cleaning.4) Its light in weight as compared to other products.The manual patty maker products are starting from $576 to $13,900 on Atlantic equipment with respect to the user's usage.

4) HLS1650 Heavy Duty Bone Saw - Chops fresh or frozen meat, bones, fish and other products. Very useful and very efficient. This product consumes very less energy. Its Italian design makes it look stylish and it's already easy to operate. The product costs around $1850 and is also available for rent for $23.48 per week.Benefits :1) Bone chopping can take a lot of time, if you do not have the right equipment. This product falls into right category and helps saving a lot of time.2) Great performance of this product also increases the efficiency in general.3) Uses less source of energy. 

5) F.E.D. EF - 28S Autolift Electric Fryer: It is an electric fryer with very fast recovery and an oil capacity of 28 liters. It has a cold zone and has two baskets. Available on Atlantic equipment with the range of $3,130. and is also available for rent with the range of $39.73 per week.Benefits:1) Easy to operate.2) Serve more people at a time.3) Has a cold storage as well, so we can store it on the same machine.
Atlantic equipment also has gas fryer which a user can select on basis of his usage. The Atlantic equipments are worth buying and affordable as the equipments are also available for rent.