1. Train your staff – I don’t think you would go to a physician that doesn't have a degree, so why spend your money in a coffee shop when the workers do not know how to prepare coffee with a commercial coffee machine. The success of your shop depends extremely on your staff. If they are well competent in preparing coffee and are skillful of doing it right every time, then word will spread. Quality product means quality prestige.

2. Keep clean – neatness is very important in keeping your coffee shop alive. Just keep it clean. Keep your workers clean, your shop space neat, floors clean, table clean, seats and especially your toilets neat at all time. You can tell very much about an institution by its toilets. Well, that's what they say. Clean surroundings for your staff and patrons are always a winner.

3. Stay reliable always - It's always good to try new stuff, to tryout and to change. But doing it too much and too soon can be confusing for clients and for staff too. Keep your main products regular, drop-in changes gradually and give them time. If you have too many changes coming up all the time people become blind to them and will begin to ignore your efforts.

4. Stay fresh - Keeping up to date with the trade is very essential. It can be hard to keep one step ahead of everybody and very easy to fall back letting things to overtake you. Keep your eye on trend, fresh things in the industry and even promotions or fads that are always changing.

5. Stay open - Make the front of your shop very easy to see. Of course, if individuals can’t see you there, or don't notice that you are there; they won’t be coming in to spend their cash. Make your shop front so eye-catching that people will be enticed to your magnet. Remember to change it on a regular basis though because you don't want to be overlooked or blend in over time.

6. Offer bonus - It's always lovely to let your patrons know that you appreciate their custom. In fact giving something back to your buyer is great for trade. Set up a discount scheme or a loyalty scheme. You can offer gifts or prizes for your regular customers.

7. Always use the right music - This aspect of coffee shop is almost always over looked. If you do have to play music in your shop, then make sure you pick the right stuff. It's hard to get it right as people have different tastes but have open minded and make an effort to think about your music, don't just stick to any one or two old music because it's the easy option.

8. Make it comfortable - You have to make you customers stay comfortable in your shop, if they're comfortable then they're happy. Give them a reason not to leave, relaxing seats are an easy way of keeping them in, and then add nice music sound, service, and product and you're on to a winning side.

9. Build a brand - This can be tough also, but there are quite some people who manage it, and you can find individuals that will want to work with you to build a brand. Your brand is your uniqueness, it’s what your reputation is attached to, and it’s how the general public will decide whether they want to come in or not.

10. Ask for feedbacks - The best technique to improve or better what you have is to ask the persons that already use you. Ask you patrons for their opinion good or bad. What would they like change? What do they want?